Captain Marvel, Vol. 8 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, David Lopez, and Lee Loughridge

Captain Marvel 8Information

Goodreads: Captain Marvel, Vol. 8
Series: Captain Marvel (MARVEL NOW!) #1
Source: Library
Published: 2014


Even in the midst of a new romance, Carol Danvers feels a call to space.  But when a people on an alien planet refuse to leave, despite the fact that their homeland is slowly poisoning them, can Captain Marvel find a way to make them feel respected and still save their lives?


Ms. Marvel was my first comic book, so of course I had to read the story of the superhero who inspired Kamala Khan.  I had little background entering this new world, other than having seen The Guardians of the Galaxy movie and vaguely knowing that Carol Danvers had taken on a new title (“Captain” rather than “Ms”) and was heading to space.  However, Carol’s fierce personality and determination drew me in from the start, so that I embarked with her on a wild ride with no reservations.

Because Carol is starting out on a new adventure, the volume proves an easy entry into her world.  After a short introduction to Carol’s current situation, which quickly touches upon her family life, her dating life, and her Avenging life, the story moves into space, all the while providing just enough information to situation readers without ever miring them in details.  The focus remains on Carol’s personal journey, rather than on the galactic forces surrounding her, making the volume feel safe and intimate; a reader can enjoy it without knowing precisely who Star Lord’s father is, who the Guardians are, or what their previous battles mean for the future.  All this information, presumably, will be divulged in time, when relevant.  Until then, there’s nothing to do but enjoy the story.

The story itself I did not find particularly compelling, even though it seeks to engage readers with its complexity and depth.  It focuses on the relocation of several peoples from their home planet, their struggles adjusting and their dismay at learning that they face relocation yet again.  Various political elements come into play as the inhabitants of the doomed planet discuss whether they will leave or stay, and how they will resist outside pressures that seek to influence them.  However,because I never identified with or felt much interest in the inhabitants of the planet, I could not feel for them, could not become engrossed in their lives.  I wished the best for them, of course, but never suffered with them.

Carol’s personality alone kept me reading.  When the plot failed to entrance me, her determination, spark, and sheer exuberance pulled me along.  I wanted to see how she would react to circumstances, wanted to learn how she would adjust to a new life.  Though this adventure did not draw me in, I hope to go along with Captain Marvel for many more.

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