Your Entertainment Outlook 11/4/15

sunThe Folio Society is publishing an illustrated edition of Ursula K. LeGuin’s A Wizard of Earthsea in which the protagonist Ged will finally appear as LeGuin describes him in the books, rather than Caucasian.

rainbow weatherSummerlost_BOM.inddAlly Condie, author of the Matched trilogy, makes her middle grade debut in March 2016 with the publication of Summmerlost, a book about friendship and healing.

lightningVictoria Aveyard left protagonist Mare Barrow in a dark place at the end of popular YA title The Red Queen.  Readers can follow Mare into the storm of revolution this coming February with the release of The Glass Sword.

Partially CloudyAdriana Mather, a direct descendant of Cotton Mather, will see the publication of her book How to Hang a Witch in spring 2016.  The story follows fictional Samantha Mather as she  moves to to modern-day Salem, Massachusetts and meets a set of girls whose ancestors were witches.

nightA new YA series of books set in the world of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and authored by J. M. Lee hits bookstores in June 2016. The first installment will follow the adventures of a Gefling woman as she unravels the mystery surrounding an accusation of treason against her brother.
sunThe future looks bright for fans of Charles Tell the Wind and FireDickens as in April 2016 Sara Rees Brennan’s Tell the Wind and Fire, a story inspired by A Tale of Two Cities, will hit shelves.  Her retelling is set a in a furistic New York City where magic exists.

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