If You Like Cats, Then Watch…

If You Like, Then Read is a feature where we offer reading suggestions based on books you already like, scheduled once a month. This month, however, we are featuring a special movie edition!  If you have more suggestions, feel free to tell us in the comments! You can check out the rest of these lists here.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

At the age of thirteen, witches set out to live independently for a year in another city.  Young witch-in-training Kiki is excited to live in a city by the sea, but she worries that the only magical ability she possesses is to fly.  She starts a flying delivery service, but her continued insecurities lead to a loss of her powers–including the ability to talk to her cat.  Will Kiki learn to believe in herself before she loses her magic forever?

A Cat in Paris

Young Zoe’s cat seems normal–but at night he leads a double life, aiding a cat burglar with his job.  Then the gangsters who killed Zoe’s father come after Zoe.  Can a cat save the day?

The Secret of Kells

Brendan longs to explore the world outside the fortified outpost of Kells, but his uncle the abbot fears attacks from the invading barbarians.  Then a master illuminator arrives carrying his life’s work, a book so beautiful some believe it a miracle.  Can Brendan find the courage to save the book or will darkness destroy light?  Luckily, Brendan has a faithful cat to guide and protect him on the way!


Tim, a young orphan boy, spends his nights looking up at his favorite star Adara, who protects him from the dark.  But then one night Adara disappears and slowly the other stars begin to go out as well.  Venturing into the dark, Tim meets the Cat Shepherd, who introduces him to Nocturna, the magical world of the night filled with dream writers, hairdressers who specialize in bedheads, and more.  The Cat Shepherd believes that Moka, the head of Nocturna, will set things right, but when Moka refuses to listen, Tim knows that it’s up to him to alert the Star Keeper and save Adara before she goes out for good.

The Cat Returns

After Haru saves the life of a cat on his way home from school, the Cat King offers the paw of his son Prince Lune in marriage–and Haru has no way to refuse.  Can Haru escape the Cat Kingdom or will she find herself pledged to a feline?


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