Your Entertainment Outlook 10/21/15

Red Badge of CourageNew life is set to come to the Stephen Crane (The Red Badge of Courage) home.  The New Jersey house was recently donated to the Asbury Park Historical Society, who plan to use it as a headquarters, as well as convert part of it into a museum.

rainbow weather
The Mythgard Institute is gearing up for the final weeks of their “Almost an Inkling Writing Contest.”  Head on over to vote on your favorite flash fiction pieces or to submit one of your own.

lightningStormy times are ahead for Shakespeare purists!  Random House is scheduled to publish prose retellings of some of the Bard’s works beginning in 2016.  Each story will be written by a bestselling author, beginning with Anne Tyler writing The Taming of the Shrew and Jeanette Winterson writing The Winter’s Tale.

Partially Cloudy
The BBC has announced a TV drama about the “tragedy and passion” of the lives of the Bronte family.  Sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne are known for their literary output, while brother Branwell is unfortunately known mostly for his addiction problems.  Casting has not yet been announced.

The After-RoomNext month the sun will set on Malie Maloy’s Apothecary series.  The final book in the trilogy, The After-Room, will be released by Penguin on Nov. 3.
Bright news for classics-lovers!  The BBC is working on a 20-part soap opera about the characters of Charles Dickens.  Dickensian is imagined to be a “mischievous and irreverent” take on the author’s works. according to the Telegraph.

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