Wizarding School Adventure: Finding a Home

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On July 27-Aug. 1, 2015, Pages Unbound is hosting a week-long celebration of Harry Potter! The event leads readers on an interactive journey through their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and features a variety of activities, quizzes, reflections, and guest posts. You’ll want to read the posts in order, so if you’re ever lost, you can head back to the event introduction post, where you will find a schedule and links to all the event activities.

Congratulations! You have graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and have successfully chosen your magical career. Follow the directions below to determine where you will live as you pursue your new career path.

Where you will be able to purchase your home depends on your accomplishments during your past seven years at Hogwarts. Add up the points you have earned based on your achievements, then see which houses are available in your price range. Good luck house-hunting!

Tally Your Points

Adventure Points

  • 2 points if you made no enemies at Hogwarts
  • 1 point for becoming an Auror, Ministry Official, Headmaster, Ambassador, or Spy
  • 1 point for being a good pet owner
  • 1 point if you never went to detention
  • -1 point if you ever made a bad impression on Professor McGonagall

Class Points

  • 1 point for each Muggle Studies question you answered correctly
  • 2 points for passing Herbology
  • 1 point for attending Care of Magical Creatures
  • 1 point for attending Divination

O.W.L. Points

  • 4 points for passing the O.W.L. exams
  • 1 point extra for each question you got right beyond the minimum to pass (8)
  • 15 points total (ignore the previous two bullet points) if you answered every O.W.L. question correctly.  Congrats!  You are valedictorian!

Housing Options

Choose any location that is within your range of points or below your range. Let us know what house you’re going to buy in the comments, so others witches and wizards will know if you’re going to be in their neighborhood!

1-5 Points: Cottage
6-10 Points: Suburban House
11-15 Points: Beach House
16-20 Points: Victorian Mansion
21-26 Points: Castle

Housing Poll

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Hogwarts belong to J. K. Rowling. This event is a fan-created adventure meant to celebrate Rowling’s wizarding world and is in no way endorsed by her.

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