Wizarding School Adventure: Classes

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On July 27-Aug. 1, 2015, Pages Unbound is hosting a week-long celebration of Harry Potter! The event leads readers on an interactive journey through their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and features a variety of activities, quizzes, reflections, and guest posts. You’ll want to read the posts in order, so if you missed the first few posts, you can head back to the event introduction post, where you will find a schedule and links to all the event activities.

You didn’t think you could get through school without attending classes, did you?  Below you’ll find some of the magical classes on your schedule.  Complete as many as you can because these classes will be worth points at the end of the adventure!

Muggle Studies books

It’s time for a pop quiz in your Muggle Studies course!  See if you can answer these questions about Muggle entertainment, in order to judge how well you’d be able to blend into the Muggle world.  Be sure to make a note of how many questions you get correct, as this will be important later in the adventure.  Answers are below the questions in white.  Just highlight the text to read.

1.) Who was the top-grossing actor/actress of 2014?
2.) What Shakespearean character name should you never say in a theatre?
3.) What Marvel Movie was released on July 17, 2015 in North America?
4.) Who was the top-earning musician of 2014?
5.) Who is the author of Twilight?

Muggle Studies Answers

1.) Jennifer Lawrence (source)
2.) Macbeth
3.) Ant-Man
4.) Dr. Dre (source)
5.) Stephanie Meyer

Care of Magical Creatures phoenix

This year in Care of Magical Creatures, you’ll be entrusted with taking care of your own creature!  To find out which one you will be assigned, please refer to the chart below. If you’d like a larger view, just click on the image.

Care of Magical Creatures-min

Herbology plant small

You can’t recognize magical plants if you don’t start with regular plants!  See if you can identify the five plants below.  You can click on the image for a larger view.  You need three right to pass Herbology; passing will earn you points later in the game so remember to make a note of how well you did.  Answers are below the plants in white.  Just highlight the text to see them.


Herbology Answers

1.) hydrangea
2.) oak
3.) sunflower
4.) snapdragon
5.) maple

Divination crystal ball

Tea leaves aren’t the only way to learn things!  You can discover a lot of things about a person just by examining his or her handwriting!  Try writing out one of your favorite book quotes on a piece of paper in your normal handwriting, then look at the list below to see what it says about you!

  • If your letters are large, you have confidence.
  • If your letters are small, you are good at keeping secrets.
  • If your letters slant to the right, you are often in a hurry.
  • If your letters are straight, you enjoy balance in your life.
  • If your letters slant to the left, you like to stop to smell the roses.
  • If you dot your i’s a little to the right, you are optimistic about the future.
  • If you dot your i’s right above them, you are a perfectionist.
  • If you got your i’s a little to the left, you are reflective.
  • If you close all your o’s, you like to finish what you start.
  • If your o’s have an open spot in them, you are open to new ideas.
  • If the crossbars on your t’s slant up, you are ambitious.
  • If the crossbars on your t’s are straight, you have a strong sense of ethics.
  • If the crossbars on your t’s slant down, you like to notice details.
  • If your letters are rounded, you are content with life.
  • If your letters are a bit squished, you’re always looking for new opportunities.
  • If you put a lot of pressure on the paper, you enjoy sharing your opinions.
  • If you write lightly, you like to evaluate all sides of a debate.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Hogwarts belong to J. K. Rowling. This event is a fan-created adventure meant to celebrate Rowling’s wizarding world and is in no way endorsed by her.

14 thoughts on “Wizarding School Adventure: Classes

  1. Silvara says:

    I can’t believe you actually had silver as a color. Usually I’m forced to pick my 2nd favorite which is green. Not sure I really wanted to take care of a longhorn though… *laughs* Artemis the magnificent Romanian Longhorn had better be pretty darn magnificent! *teases*

    Only got 2/5 for muggle studies, but I got 3/5 for herbology. Was going to skip Divination but figured I needed the points after failing muggle studies. *grins*


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