Wizarding School Adventure: The Sorting Hat (A Personality Quiz)

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On July 27-Aug. 1, 2015, Pages Unbound is hosting a week-long celebration of Harry Potter!  The event leads readers on an interactive journey through their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and features a variety of activities, quizzes, reflections, and guest posts.  You’ll want to read the posts in order, so if you missed the posts from Day 1 or are otherwise here by mistake, you can head back to the event introduction post, where you will find a schedule and links to all the event activities.

Harry Potter House Sorting QuiZ

Sorting Quiz Instructions:

To take the quiz, choose the best answer to each question. Write down the letter of the answer you pick for each question, or simply keep a running tally of how many of each letter you pick. After the last question, count the letters and see which you chose most often. Check the answers to see which Hogwarts House you are destined for.  Be sure to share your result with us in the comments!  You should also remember your House, as this will be important to the rest of your wizarding school adventure!

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun, and Pages Unbound makes no claim to know much about your personality at all.

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The Quiz

1. Which flower would you most like to grow in a garden?
a.) roses
b.) sunflowers
c.) lilies
d.) marigold

2. If you had one, what would be on your coat-of-arms?
a.) a flower
b.) a hand
c.) stars
d.) a sun

3. Pick a hobby.
a.) reading
b.) writing
c.) crafts
d.) sports

4. If you were a cake, you would be:
a.) carrot
b.) chocolate
c.) vanilla
d.) strawberry shortcake

5. Pick a class:
a.) Ancient Runes
b.) Arithmancy
c.) Potions
d.) Defense Against the Dark Arts

6. Pick your favorite sandwich:
a.) tomato
b.) ham and cheese
c.) finger sandwiches
d.) egg salad

7. You most fear:
a.) compromising your morals
b.) missed opportunities
c.) being misunderstood
d.) being passive

8. Which club would you join?
a.) S.P.E.W.
b.) Quidditch Team
c.) Wizard’s Chess
d.) Dueling

9. How would you describe yourself?
a.) surprising
b.) clever
c.) open-minded
d.) friendly

10. Which would you most like to do?
a.) see a unicorn
b.) swim with the mermaids
c.) fly a hippogriff
d.) tame a dragon

11. What element are you?
a.) earth
b.) water
c.) air
d.) fire

12. What are you most likely to collect?
a.) friends
b.) networking contacts
c.) unusual words
d.) enemies

13. What House would you choose?
a.) Hufflepuff
b.) Slytherin
c.) Ravenclaw
d.) Gryffindor


Yellow ShieldMostly A’s: Hufflepuff

You are friendly, welcoming, and hardworking.

Green ShieldMostly B’s: Slytherin

You are ambitious, clever, and risk-oriented.

Blue ShieldMostly C’s: Ravenclaw

You are intelligent, wise, and open-minded.

Red ShieldMostly D’s: Gryffindor

You are daring, upfront, and social.

The next post in the adventure is “Finding Your Way.”

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Hogwarts belong to J. K. Rowling.  This event is a fan-created adventure meant to celebrate Rowling’s wizarding world and is in no way endorsed by her.

22 thoughts on “Wizarding School Adventure: The Sorting Hat (A Personality Quiz)

  1. Dani W says:

    Well I’m not at all surprised, and I am a little bit stuck…
    Hufflepuff – 2
    Slytherin – 4
    Ravenclaw – 4
    Gryffindor – 3
    So once again, I’m a Slytherclaw!


    • Briana says:

      Oh, dear, your comments were stuck in the spam folder for some reason! I’ve rescued them, though, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventure! I’ve always wanted Ravenpuffs to be a thing. 😀


  2. DoingDewey says:

    Mine was mostly c’s, so Ravenclaw again! But it didn’t beat out Slytherin and Hufflepuff by much. I’m definitely not a Gryffindor though – too risk averse, I think 🙂


  3. Nicole @ Boundless Bookaholic says:

    Slytherin by one answer. I got Ravenclaw on Pottermore. That was the second house based on my answers to the above questions. I think Slytherin was my second house on Pottermore. So guess the sorting hat would have to chose between those two for me 🙂


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