Your Entertainment Outlook 5/10/15: The Classics Edition

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The famously reclusive Emily Dickinson is about to break out of her shell. A new biopic of the American poet is going into production. Director Terence Davies first announced the film, A Quiet Passion, in 2012. Actress Cynthia Nixon will be playing Dickinson.
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Love's Labors LostThe future is also looking bright for Shakespeare productions. Some “lost lines” from Love’s Labor’s Lost were recently discovered. Scholars have found the lyrics for a song that, up to this point, they only knew the title of. The song, apparently, is a joke; Moth uses it to mock the sexual prowess of Don Armando.
The Welsh town of Llandudno marked the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland by attempting to break the world record for the longest line of jam tarts. Participants have to wait a few days to see if their attempt was successful.
Death and Mr PickwickOn May 21, Random House will release a novel based on Charles Dickens’s illustrator Robert Seymour. Death and Mr. Pickwick by Stephen Jarvis explores the relationship between the two men, and whether Dickens passed off some of Seymour’s ideas as his own.
Mark Twain researchers have uncovered a group of letters from 1865-1866 that suggest the revered American author may have been having an “identity crisis” and considering suicide. They are considering curating the letters for a book, in hopes of showing a different side of Twain to the public.
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A happy birthday to Dante, who is celebrating his 750th. Pope Francis marked the occasion by praising Dante’s works and knowledge.

What entertainment news are you most excited about this week?


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