Your Entertainment Outlook 5/3/15

A Snicker of MagicThe sun keeps on shining on Natalie Lloyd’s (A Snicker of Magic) career. The children’s author announced that she will be publishing a series about “seven strange siblings” called The Problem Children with HarperCollins, starting 2017. Lloyd will be publishing a middle grade book, The Key to Extraordinary, with Scholastic in 2016.
The outlook is still bleak for equality for “boy” and “girl” media. Shannon Hale blogged this past week about the frequency with which she encounters young male students booing any mention of “girl” media during her school talks.
Partially Cloudy
The identity of the “historical Mr. Darcy” may finally be coming out into the open. Historian Susan is reporting that Jane Austen may have based her dreamy character on the first Earl of Morley, John Parker. You can read about the theory here.
rainbow weather
Nancy Drew turned 85 on April 28. To celebrate, Nancy Drew Sleuths is holding their annual convention in Iowa near the home of Carolyn Keene. Her Interactive will be releasing their latest Nancy Drew video game, Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness.
When Marnie Was ThereOn May 22, Studio Ghibli will release in American theatres what is potentially their last feature film: When Marnie Was There, an adaptation of the novel by British author Joan G. Robinson. The film was released in Japan in 2014.
Amusement parks are about to get a whole lot darker. Lionsgate has partnered with Dubai Parks and Resorts to open a Hunger Games themed park in 2016. Details of possible attractions are still unknown.

What entertainment news are you most looking forward to this week?


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