Rapunzel Cuts Loose by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Rapunzel Cuts LooseInformation

Goodreads: Rapunzel Cuts Loose
Series: Grimmtastic Girls #4
Source: Library
Published: 2014


When an enchantment goes wrong, Rapunzel finds herself left with a hair catastrophe.  But the school fair approaches fast and the E.V.I.L. Society plans to use it as a cover for some of their dastardly deeds.  Can Rapunzel defeat E.V.I.L. while dealing with the worst hair day ever?


Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams continue to make each installment of the Grimmtastic Girls feel fresh with the fourth in the series, Rapunzel Cuts Loose.  Finally readers get inside the head of the mysterious goth girl, whom we find has some secrets in her past.  However, the authors skillfully veer away from stereotypes and caricatures, showing Rapunzel to be a sweet and caring girl who, though she harbors worries like any preteen, does not hide behind her goth girl look but wears it because that is how she chooses to express herself.  With a heroine so confident, what’s not to love about Rapunzel Cuts Loose?

The girls, of course, continue to fight E.V.I.L. in this story, but more interesting to me at this point are the characters themselves.  Each protagonist faces a secret fear and manages to overcome it.  Each one brings distinctive traits and talents to the group.  Each one consistently demonstrates kindness, compassion, and caring.  In short, each girl manages to be an excellent role model while still coming across and real and interesting.  How fascinating to see a series that shows that goodness need not be dull and that girls can be feminine and strong and all sorts of things in all different ways!

I also enjoy how, even though each book so far has featured a love interest, each one has been unique.  And each one has been something that young readers may encounter themselves.  Rapunzel’s story is the first to feature two love interests, but it’s not the horrible love triangle you think.  Instead, Rapunzel makes the mistake so many girls do–she falls hard for the handsome, tall, smooth-talking guy everyone wants-even though he’s obviously selfish and self-centered.  Meanwhile, her poor friend Basil, a legitimately caring guy, falls by the wayside.  But such is life and Rapunzel and her young readers are about to learn how to look past looks to see one’s true character.

I am absolutely thrilled to find a series full of so many good messages and so many characters who are worthy to emulate–all packaged in a story that is truly absorbing and never seems preachy.  I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about these books from fellow readers.

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