Blogger Interview: Stephanie from Chasm of Books (2)

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In the continuing spirit of celebrating bloggers this month (See The Book Blogger Love-A-Thon), I’m excited to interview one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie from Chasm of Books! We featured an interview with her in 2013, but she’s back answering all new questions!


Thanks for having me here today Briana and Krysta! Interviews are really growing on me so I’m excited to be able to participate in one myself!

What are some of the most popular posts or features on your blog?

I don’t really have any particular features per se but I do know that my Friday Couple (a retired feature) for Leo & Calypso from The Heroes of Olympus is definitely a favorite. A more recent favorite is 8 Blogging Tips for the 2015 Book Blogging Community, which I really enjoyed putting together.

What is your favorite book you have read so far this year?

Oh gosh, I’ve only read two books so far this year so it’s not really much of a competition. Ensnared by A.G. Howard is hands down my favorite. My first book of the year and it was definitely worth a 5 star rating. I love Howard’s Splintered series. I actually started reading Alice in Wonderland last year because of it and was really liking it. I should finish that…

Who are some of your favorite living authors?

Sarah J. Mass, Marissa Meyer, Page Morgan, Megan Shepherd, and John Flanagan. They’re all amazing. The world building and prose for all of them are fantastic. Page Morgan totally has the historical setting thing down with gargoyles. Sarah J. Mass is the current goddess of YA high fantasy. Marissa Meyer – I will read anything she writes because she is simply amazing with her world building and science fiction fairy tale retellings. Megan Shepherd does an excellent job writing wonderfully twisted stories (they’re really creepy). As for John Flanagan, he’s a childhood favorite. I’ll read anything he writes as well.

If you could live in any fictional setting, which would you choose?

Fictional setting? Well I’d have to choose Middle Earth of course because one, it’s high fantasy. Two, it’s Tolkien. And three, Middle Earth is beautiful, exciting, rich, and wonderful all at once.

What book’s movie would you most like a role in?

Now that’s a good question… if we’re talking about books that may or may not ever be made into a movie, I’d have to go with The Selection because of the dresses. Yes, I’m a sucker for fancy dresses and princess dresses are just so pretty. If I have to choose from one that’s already a movie, then I’ll have to go with Pride & Prejudice.

Who is your favorite literary couple?

You’re killing me here. My single favorite of favorites? I’m not sure how long this will be true for since I read a lot of books, but I’ll have to go with Captain Thorne and Cress from Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. They’re so cute together. Captain Thorne has all of the charisma, charm, and good looks and Cress can be a bit of an airhead but is really smart and sweet. If that makes any sense… think Rapunzel from Tangled. That’s a good comparison personality wise.

Do you do any writing outside of book blogging?

Yes! Besides my homework, I write books. I’ve written six and three quarters of a seventh, so we’ll just go with 7. Three are science fiction, two are high fantasy, one is a murder mystery, and the other is a contemporary. I like to experiment, okay?

Can you link us to three of your favorite blogs to read?

Now there’s an easy question, even though I follow a bunch of amazing blogs. Elle & Co., Nose Graze, and Paper Fury. I love the distinct voices and styles on each blog.


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2 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Stephanie from Chasm of Books (2)

  1. maliaann says:

    Wonderful interview, Stephanie! I really enjoyed it. I do need to read Marissa Meyer’s books. They look and sound so good. And like me, she’s a Seattle area author. 🙂


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