What Literary Love Story Are You Destined To Have? (A Valentine’s Day Personality Quiz)

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Instructions: To take the quiz, choose the best answer to each question. Write down the letter of the answer you pick for each question, or simply keep a running tally of how many of each letter you pick. After the last question, count the letters and see which you chose most often. Check the answers to see which one of what type of literary love story you are destined for.  Be sure to share your result with us in the comments!  You can also grab a results button to share on your blog or social media.

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun, and Pages Unbound makes no claim to know much about your personality at all.

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The Quiz

1. What is your ideal lover like?
a.) intelligent
b.) artistic
c.) passionate
d.) kind

2. Where will your love story begin?
a.) at school
b.) at a museum
c.) at a party
d.) at home

3. Will you start out as friends?
a.) Not at all.
b.) We want to.
c.) No; it will be love at first sight.
d.) Yes.

4. What color best fits your relationship?
a.) green
b.) blue
c.) orange
d.) yellow

5. Which hobby interests you most?
a.) writing
b.) volunteer work
c.) dancing
d.) crafts

6. If your relationship were a path, what would it look like?
a.) winding
b.) fork in the road
c.) straight and true
d.) a bit uphill

7. Which smell would you most associate with your relationship?
a.) fresh air
b.) old books
c.) perfume
d.) warm bread


Mostly A’s:

Your relationship is like Anne and Gilbert’s (Anne of Green Gables)


You will have a rough start to your relationship, but it will soon blossom into something beautiful. You and your beau will make each other better people, and everyone will comment on how perfect you are for each other.

Mostly B’s:

Your relationship is like Dorothea and Will’s (Middlemarch)


You’ll have some obstacles to overcome because not everyone will approve of your relationship. However, your love will be quiet but smoldering, and you’ll be willing to make great sacrifices to be with lover.

Mostly C’s:

Your relationship is like Romeo and Juliet’s (Romeo and Juliet)

JulietYour relationship will be short, but it will burn brightly. Your passion will inspire others.

Mostly D’s:

Your relationship is like Caroline and Robert’s (Shirley)

CarolineYour relationship will start out slowly because one of you will not initially see how right you are for each other. However, once you are together, it will be quite sweet and your home will be harmonious.

9 thoughts on “What Literary Love Story Are You Destined To Have? (A Valentine’s Day Personality Quiz)

    • Krysta says:

      I had a three-way tie with A, B, and D and I was really relieved when I saw I didn’t end up with Romeo and Juliet! I’m not sure how I feel about that one being an option! 😛


      • Briana says:

        It has to be an option! How can I write a literary love story quiz without Romeo and Juliet? I just put a positive spin on the result, instead of saying, “Your love will end in death. Hope it’s good while it lasts.” 😉


  1. Ana says:

    I got D! 😀 Which sounds about right. It wasn’t “OMG LET’S GET TOGETHER RIGHT NOW” for my boyfriend and I, but it grew into something awesome and sweet now.

    This is such a cute quiz!


  2. arendadehaan says:

    Well, this was fun! I got Dorothea and Will; and while my husband and I didn’t have too many obstacles to overcome, the “quiet but smouldering” description is rather apt. 🙂 (And your description of Shirley makes me want to read that CB novel . . . )


    • Briana says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz!

      One of my professors described Shirley as “the most romantic of Bronte’s books,” and I think she might be right!


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