What Library Resource Are You? (A Personality Quiz)

What Library Resource Are You?

Books have the power to change lives, so imagine the potential a library has to transform a community. Besides providing free access to books, movies, music, video games, and toys, libraries also offer programs ranging from book clubs to computer literacy to concerts. At Pages Unbound, we love libraries and the work they do, so we asked several bloggers to share what they love about their libraries. Come back all July to help us celebrate libraries!

Purple Ribbon

Instructions: To take the quiz, choose the best answer to each question. Write down the letter of the answer you pick for each question, or simply keep a running tally of how many of each letter you pick. After the last question, count the letters and see which you chose most often. Check the answers to see what type of library resource you are.

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun, and Pages Unbound makes no claim to know much about your personality at all.

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The Quiz

1. What color do you most enjoy?
a.) yellow
b.) green
c.) purple
d.) blue

2. How do you most like to communicate? (Besides face-to-face!)
a.) phone
b.) text
c.) email
d.) social media

3.  What is in your ideal reading room?
a.) comfy chairs
b.) large windows
c.) hidden bookcases
d.) a well-stocked desk

4. What sense do you most associate yourself with?
a.) touch
b.) taste
c.) hearing
d.) sight

5. What animal are you most like?
a.) dog
b.) elephant
c.) cat
d.) dolphin

6. Which is your favorite summer pastime?
a.) swimming
b.) running
c.) mini golfing
d.) camping

7. What accessory best matches your personality?
a.) scarf
b.) sunglasses
c.) necklace
d.) hat


Mostly A’s: You are a book discussion.

You are naturally social and love to share your ideas and enthusiasm with others. You are friendly and inclusive and know how to get others to work together.

Mostly B’s: You are a conference room.

You have a sense of social responsibility and like to look outside yourself to contribute to the world.  You are generous and a natural leader.

Mostly C’s: You are book rentals.

A true bibliophile, you are attracted to ideas and theories.  You are thoughtful and creative.

Mostly D’s: You are online resources.

An academic at heart, you love learning and discovering new things.  You are also fascinated by technology and its possibilities.

21 thoughts on “What Library Resource Are You? (A Personality Quiz)

  1. denise320 says:

    Apparently, I couldn’t make up my mind whether I was book rentals or online resources – it was a tie! I guess that makes me ebooks?


  2. revgeorge says:

    Just a quibble. Libraries aren’t free. Somebody’s paying for them. 🙂

    As for the quiz, I really didn’t fit into any category, especially since some questions didn’t have an answer that was even close to me. And who doesn’t have an ideal reading room that doesn’t include cats? That threw off the validity of the quiz for me right there.


    • Briana says:

      Well, for children they’re free, right? They don’t even pay taxes? 😉

      Yes, the hazards of taking a quiz where I completely make up the answers and results. Sorry! But I agree. There should definitely have been cats in this quiz.


  3. Ana @ Read Me Away says:

    I am mostly a book discussion, and a little bit of online resources! Which makes sense because I love posting my discussion topics, and using social media to communicate with people. 😀 What a cute quiz!


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