The Mirror by John Heldt

The MirrorInformation

Goodreads: The Mirror
Series: Northwest Passage #5
Source: Received from author
 March 2014


The year is 2020 and to celebrate their birthday, twin sisters Ginny and Katie Smith attend the local fair, where a fortune teller predicts they will embark on a mysterious journey.  The girls laugh off the woman’s fear–until they enter the House of Mirrors and suddenly find themselves trapped in 1964.  The fortune teller told them they would have one chance to return and the girls desperately want to do so.  But living in the past is not really so bad, especially once the twins start to fall in love.  But even if the twins can change the past, should they?


The Mirror is a fitting close to the Northwest Passage series.  Many of the loose ends come together and readers get glimpses of a few of their favorite characters from previous books while enjoying a brand new adventure.  As with all the Northwest Passage books, the plot may run fairly smoothly, but the real charm lies with the actors.  Ginny and Katie prove just as likable as their predecessors.  They are young and lighthearted and prone to making the sorts of mistakes teenagers make, but their hearts are always in the right place.  Reading about them is like reading about girls you may know in real life.

Perhaps it is a bit misleading to say that most of the charm comes from the characters, however.  Surely just as important to these stories is the time travel.  John Heldt makes history come alive, no matter what period he chooses.  Previous selections have featured the age of swing and the Great Fire of 1910, but these time Heldt transports readers to the 1960s.  Social change is all around and the Smith twins are right in the middle.  They get to experience the rush of attending a Beatles concert while still grappling with the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam.  Growing up in the past, it seems, is not always a “simpler time.”

While it is bittersweet to close the pages of the final book in the Northwest Passage series, this story seems to have run its course.  I look forward to following Heldt in his future writing endeavors.


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