The Stonekeeper’s Curse by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet 2Information

GoodreadsThe Stonekeeper’s Curse
Series: Amulet #2
Source: Library
Published: 2009


With their mother dying from a poisonous arachnopod sting, Emily and Navin set off to Kanalis, the capital of Alledia, to find a healer.  Only one thing, however, can save their mother’s life—the fruit of a gadoba tree, grown on Demon’s Head Mountain.  Emily is determined to complete the quest from which no one has ever returned, but the Elves are hot on her trail and the power of the amulet grows ever stronger, threatening to transform the Stonekeeper into an ancient horror.


Like the first book in the Amulet series, The Stonekeeper’s Curse is but an episode in a larger story and, while it enthralls the imagination while it lasts, it seems over all too soon.  Barely do Emily and Navin enter the capital before they depart once more, chased not only by their old enemies the Elves but also by cryptic prophecies calling for the children to save Alledia.  The book whirls by, introducing new characters, new magic, and new talents.  Sometimes it seems a shame; I want to know so much more about so many things, but the plot keeps calling the story forward faster and faster.

Though the story includes standard fantasy elements such as the mysterious stranger who offers to lead them and prophecies of child saviors, Kibuishi distinguishes his work by adding an unusual twist: the magical amulet that Emily wears, and that marks her as the chosen one, is not merely a tool offering an easy way to solve Alledia’s problems (that is, once Emily learns how to wield it).  Instead, the amulet is (per the title) something of a curse: it can help Emily defeat enemies, clear obstacles, and protect her friends, but all the while it tempts her to give up her own will and listen to its whispered offers of infinite power.  If Emily ever loses control, she will be transformed into a raging monster.  So, it’s a little like the One Ring, but far less subtle.

It’s hard to think of what else to say since reviewing this installment of the Amulet series feels more like reviewing a chapter of a book than the entire book.  I had continued the series hoping to learn more about Alledia and about the characters Kibuishi had already introduced, but it seems I will have to continue on to see my desire fulfilled.  So far we have only scratched the surface, but it is clear there is still so much more to be revealed.  Fortunately, Kibuishi has drawn such a vivid world that I am willing to keep following him and his story, for the time being.


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