If You Like Retellings of “Sleeping Beauty”, Then Read…

Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep by Gail Carson Levine

In this hilarious retelling of “Sleeping Beauty”, Princess Sonora is gifted at birth with Brilliance and spends all her time reading–after all, she can sleep later!  She fully intends to find the perfect time to prick her finger, but even the best plans go awry.  Will her knight in shining armor save her or will she be betrothed to one of the most boring princes ever?

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Waking Rose by Regina Doman

The third book of Regina Doman’s “Snow White and Rose Red” trilogy follows Rose Brier as she heads off to college and begins investigating a mysterious episode in her family’s past.  A modern retelling feature a reluctant prince, a drug-induced coma, and some wise religious sisters.

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The Castle Behind Thorns by Merrie Haskell

A unique retelling in which the protagonist is a young blacksmith who awakens in a castle torn in two, only to find he has the ability to mend things–even the castle’s dead heir.  This book  may appeal to readers who enjoy character-driven stories.  Read the review.

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Spindle Fire by Lexa Hilllyer

Spindle Fire focuses on the love between half-sisters Isabelle and Aurora, one tithed with the gift of sight and the other with the gift of touch.  When Aurora falls into a deep sleep, her sister goes on a quest to find the prince who can wake her.  A richly imaginative retelling.  Read Briana’s review here.

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Sleeping Beauty Dreams Big by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Briar Rose arrives at Grimm Academy determined to live life to the fullest before her twelfth birthday arrives and the curse laid on her at birth comes into effect. However, her first days quickly turn from exciting to heartbreaking when the students start to believe she’s really a villain. It looks like E.V.I.L. has managed to rewrite her story! Can Rose convince her new friends that she’s really against E.V.I.L. or will she fall asleep for a hundred years first?  Read the review.

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Thornspell by Helen Lowe

Prince Sigismund longs for an adventure like the ones he hears about in stories.  Then he begins having dreams about a girl trapped by thorns and his destiny begins to unfold.  But does he have what it takes to be a true hero?  “Sleeping Beauty” as told from the perspective of the prince.

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A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas

One hundred years after pricking her finger, Aurora awakens to find herself betrothed to a prince she does not know and beloved by a people who believe she will save them all. But Aurora has no idea whom to trust. The king who may have committed unthinkable crimes? The commoners who seem willing to kill? A foreign prince who thinks far too highly of himself? Uncertain and alone, Aurora determines to hope for the best.  An original retelling that focuses on what happens after the curse is broken.  Read Briana’s review.

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Sleeping Beauty’s Daughters by Diane Zahler

Princess Aurora and her sister Luna live in an isolated castle by the sea where all sharp objects are forbidden.  Like their mother, Aurora suffers under a curse cast when she was a baby: if she touches a sharp object, she will sleep for a hundred years.  When the curse takes hold despite all their precautions, Aurora and Luna set off on a quest to find their fairy godmother and change their fate.  Read Krysta’s review here.

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The Wide-Awake Princess by E. D. Baker

Annie is the younger sister of the princess whom the world will come to know as Sleeping Beauty, but thanks to the chaos caused by her sister’s christening, Annie received a unique gift–magic has no effect on her.  When the curse strikes and the castle falls asleep, Annie determines to break the spell and save the kingdom.  She travels through various kingdoms seeking her sister’s true love with the help of her faithful guard Liam, but may unexpectedly find love herself.  Read Briana’s review.

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