Lord of the Rings Read-Along: Third FotR Discussion

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Today Stephanie discusses The Old Forest and Tom Bombadil.

What do you make of Tom Bombadil?  Does he bore you?  Amuse you?  And what’s his role in the story anyway?  Do you think he has a profound impact on Frodo’s journey?  Or is he part of Tolkien’s complex world-building?  Come share your thoughts with us over at Chasm of Books.

  • Remember, to avoid spoilers for those who have not yet read The Lord of the Rings, we are focusing on chapters 6-11 of The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Feel free to join our discussions, even if you have not officially signed up for the read-along.  The January schedule is below.

The Fellowship of the Ring

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5 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Read-Along: Third FotR Discussion

    • Briana says:

      Haha! Peter Jackson seems to agree with you, since he managed to cut Tom entirely out of the movie without any effect. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t read the book would notice his absence or any “hole” in the plot between the Shire and Bree at all!

      Personally, I find Bombadil interesting, but not particularly plot-relevant. He comes off as more “important” due to Gandalf’s and Elrond’s remarks at the Council of Elrond than he does while presenting himself. He seems determined to make himself sound completely comical.


      • Krysta says:

        The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien (edited by Humphrey Carpenter) gives us some insight into what Tolkien was thinking. You can check out letters 144 and 153 in particular. Tolkien seems to admit that Bombadil does little to forward the plot, but he still thinks Bombadil is important as he represents different ideas, such as the renunciation of control in a world in which good and evil are struggling for control. It’s definitely something to think about!


  1. Eric says:

    I can’t get enough of Bombadil! We even used some of his poetry in our wedding. When I first read him, I was seriously repulsed, but after hearing it read by Robert Inglis on the AudioBook version, it somehow clicked.

    I imagine that Jackson cut him out because putting Bombadil on screen would be an incredibly ridiculous idea.

    If Tom Bombadil had been cut from the story, however, the Old Forest, the moving trees, Old Man Willow and the Barrow-wights would also have to be cut. And why would anyone want that?


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