Top Ten Tuesday (73): New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013


Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s topic is

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

1. Dante: Does it get better than The Divine Comedy?

2. George Eliot: So far I’ve read Middlemarch and Silas Marner, but now ALL her books are on my TBR list!

3. Juliet Marillier: I’ve only read Daughter of the Forest, but I grabbed the next two books at a used book sale.  My winter reading is looking good.

4. Virginia Woolf: I’m not really a fan of stream of consciousness, so I was surprised to find myself liking To the Lighthouse and Mrs. Dalloway.

5. Diana Wynne Jones: Finally I’ve read Howl’s Moving Castle!

6. John Dos Passos: Another author I was surprised to find myself enjoying.

7. Primo Levi: I’d read a selection from his Periodic Table before, but this year I read a full book, Survival in Auschwitz.

8. St. Augustine: I read his Confessions.

9. Henry James: I introduced myself to James through some of his shorter works–The Turn of the Screw and The Beast in the Jungle among others–so perhaps next year it’s time to tackle a novel.

10. Laura Lee Gulledge: Author of the graphic novel Page by Paige.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (73): New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

    • Krysta says:

      I can’t believe I waited so long to read Diana Wynne Jones AND Dante. To be fair, I’d read The Inferno twice before, but I don’t fully understand why that’s the most popular book–I like them better as they go along.

      I only read George Eliot because someone said I’d like her–and he was right! Otherwise, however, I probably would have put her off for decades more. 😉


  1. Brona says:

    I’ve been really enjoying Marillier’s new teen series and hope to get to her (adult) backlist one day soon.
    Primo Levi is pretty incredible isn’t he? So perceptive.
    I like your eclectic mix of authors 🙂


    • Krysta says:

      I have to admit I’m not sure what Marillier wrote besides the Sevenwaters series, but now I am intrigued! And Primo Levi is pretty fantastic. I’m glad you enjoyed my list!


  2. Dale says:

    George Eliot was probably my favorite new-to-me author that I read in 2013. Silas Marner had always had this stigma of being incredibly dull, but I enjoyed it very much. I have Middlemarch and The Mill of the Floss (at least) on my reading list for 2014. And St. Augustine? Impressive!


    • Krysta says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who just got around to reading George Eliot! I wasn’t aware Silas Marner is considered dull–I absolutely loved it! I suspect, however, that it isn’t quite the book for fans of more action-oriented reads. 😉


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