Blogger Interview: Tamara from Traveling with T (Halloween Edition!)


When Tamara is not blogging, tweeting or attending a book signing, she can be found at She Reads discussing a book or organizing a Twitter chat with an author. Otherwise, she’s in her happy place (favorite chair with feet propped up) devouring the latest book in her TBR list!


What makes your blog unique?

Ahh, starting off the interview with the hard question, I see! What makes Traveling With T unique? Partly because of a feature that I have called Bloggers Made of AWESOME- it’s an interview with different bloggers that I like and admire. It’s a way to spotlight their blogs, to expose blog readers to more great blogs in the blog universe. I also have a feature I call Tuesday Mashup/Thursday Mashup- while they may not run every week- when posted, they are features that have giveaway information from other blogs, reviews and other interesting book talk- maybe links to an interview with authors! Lastly, I use the terms #literaryconfessions and #literarycrush on my blog quite frequently- every interview, from authors to bloggers, gets asked about their #literaryconfessions and #literarycrush. (For those wondering what a #literaryconfession is- this is a short explanation: Last year, I confessed on my blog that I had not read Pride and Prejudice (or really any classics, actually). This made me wonder if other people had confessions- and so I started asking! And now, people confess to me on a regular basis! A #literarycrush, on the other hand, can be a character that you really like/love or an author that you admire. I tend to keep one of my #literarycrush candidates a secret (it’s kind of embarrassing!) but, one I will admit to is Joe Morreli from the Stephanie Plum series. A newer one is Nick from Beatriz Williams’s A Hundred Summers).

What have you just finished reading? What are you currently reading?

Recently finished: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn (this will be November’s Book Lovers Unite selection at Traveling With T– come discuss the book with me!) and Buried Leads by LynDee Walker. Currently, I am re-reading Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and I plan to start Sleigh Belles by Beth Albright this week.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?

Blog, baby, blog! Blog because you want to blog. Blog when no one is liking, commenting, or re-blogging your post. Blog, blog, blog! Here’s the thing and there is no easy way to sugar-coat this: Your blog may not be an instant success. You may blog for weeks, months- without many followers. Or even many “likes”. It happens. You will rise above it, though- because, if you are passionate about blogging- you will find your audience. You will stumble, you will fall- you may question yourself; but you WILL find the audience, you will get your blogging-feet going, and you’ll be happy you stuck it out!

When I started blogging in December 2011, I had a vision- I wanted a fun place to talk about places I was going, events I was attending, book signings and great restaurants. I, originally, was going to start another blog for books. However, I nixed that idea because 2 blogs = crazy! It took time, but I found my voice. I found an audience. And I LOVE blogging- love interacting with people, recommending books, talking about books!

Other advice- be a blogger who cares. Comment. Retweet. Share the blog post. Do those things because you want to!

Lastly, you are going to have days where blogging is not fun. Maybe you applied to be part of a blogging tour and did not get good news, maybe the ARC that all your bloggy friends are getting is not being mailed to you- just cheer up, chin up! It’s SO easy to let the self-doubt creep in on those days (trust me, I know!) However, don’t. Just blog, baby, blog- and you will find your moment in the sun.

(Read more of Tamara’s advice for new bloggers here!)

What book would you most like to be the cover model for?

Alafair Burke’s Ellie Hatcher series. The book covers are always interesting, dark and bit mysterious- it would be a blast to be her cover model. Runners up: Claire Cook, Wendy Wax and Elin Hilderbrand- their covers are always bright, carefree and make me want to dance around the library!

What are your favorite Halloween reads?

Honestly, I’ve never thought about this question! However, I’m going to say Rebecca by Daphne Du Mauier. While not a Halloween type read exactly, the spooky atmosphere works for me for Halloween!

Who is your favorite literary villain?

Amy from Gone Girl. I know I’m not supposed to like her- but darn it, she was so cunning, so smart, so deliciously evil.

Have you ever dressed up as a literary character?

No! And now I feel all deprived. Sigh.

What movie really scares you?

I do not love scary movies. I never really have. Years ago, though, I went to see Scream with my cousin. Good gravy, that movie scared me so much. Years later, I can watch it without being scared- but it took awhile. Recently (and don’t ask me why) I went to see The Conjuring with a friend. I sat through most of the movie with my hands near my face to quickly cover my eyes- and I can say that movie scared me a million more times than Scream. I don’t even like to hear clapping hands now after watching The Conjuring.


  • Movie Based on BookThe Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
  • Sport: Baseball (I’m an Atlanta Braves fan mainly- and good grief, they try my patience every year!)
  • Television ShowRevenge!
  • Candy Bar: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream
  • Halloween Activity: Going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a perfect pumpkin while drinking a Blondie from my fav coffee shop.


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7 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Tamara from Traveling with T (Halloween Edition!)

  1. travelingwitht says:

    Hi Nish,
    I 100% thought Amy was great. Sure, she was crazy- but you gotta like someone who is that smart and cunning, as well. Many of my book-ish friends couldn’t understand why I liked Amy- but she really was a great character!


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