What Type of Spooky Story Would You Belong In? (A Halloween Personality Quiz)

Spooky Story Halloween Personality Quiz Banner

Celebrate Halloween with us at Pages Unbound by taking this bookish personality quiz! Find out what type of spooky Halloween story you should star in!

Quiz Instructions


To take the quiz, choose the best answer to each question. Write down the letter of the answer you pick for each question, or simply keep a running tally of how many of each letter you pick. After the last question, count the letters and see which you chose most often. Check the answers to see what type of spooky tale you would star in if you lived in a book and share your results with us in the comments!

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun, and Pages Unbound makes no claim to know much about your personality at all.

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Quiz Questions

The Quiz

1. Which of the following subjects did you enjoy most in school?
a.) science
b.) physical education
c.) literature

2. If offered three items, which would you choose?
a.) a necklace
b.) a mirror
c.) a knife

3. What is your favorite season?
a.) fall
b.) summer
c.) winter

4. Which career would you most enjoy?
a.) artist
b.) historian
c.) actor

5. Which color best describes your personality?
a.) purple
b.) green
c.) red

6. Where would you most like to live?
a.) the forest
b.) the suburbs
c.) a bustling city

7. Which section of a bookstore would you visit first?
a.) fantasy
b.) nonfiction
c.) classics

8. Which are you most likely to write?
a.) poetry
b.) short stories
c.) letters

Quiz Results


Feel free to grab an image result to post on your blog, share on social media, etc. Let people know what type of spooky tale you belong in!

Mostly A’s: You belong in a witch’s tale.

You are a creator. Your inventiveness and unique personality would make you right at home in a witch’s tale, making new potions and spells.

Witch Result

Mostly B’s: You belong in a zombie story.

You are a survivor. Your steady spirit and your vast store of useful knowledge would lead you safely through a zombie invasion.

Zombie Result

Mostly C’s: You belong in a vampire book.

You are an aesthete. Your appreciation for art, culture, and beauty would place you in a vampire book, exploring the world and discovering new sensations.

Vampire Result


14 thoughts on “What Type of Spooky Story Would You Belong In? (A Halloween Personality Quiz)

    • Briana says:

      I’m so glad you liked it!

      I’ve actually been coming around more to witches recently. There are just so many ways to approach writing them!


  1. jennasthilaire says:

    You girls are so awesome. 😉

    Turns out, I belong in a witch’s tale. Which is good, because I’m definitely the kind of person who wouldn’t last five minutes in a zombie novel, and would die of sheer terror at the first sight of a vampire…


    • Briana says:

      I have no knowledge of how to survive a zombie attack, at least on a personal level. You can mathematically model how to take out a zombie invasion, and the preferred method is military attacks of increasing intensity–but what do I do while I’m waiting for the military to attack?


  2. Celine says:

    I belong in a vampire book. Interesting. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I have to become one. Exploring the world does sound nice, though. And if I get to do it with a hot, sexy and mysterious centuries old vampire, even better!


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