Blogger Interview: The Paperback Stash

The Paperback Stash


Thank you SO much for this opportunity!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging over seven years ago. At that time I wasn’t a member of Goodreads or anything, but stumbled upon other book blogs and fell in love. I had been reviewing at the time for another site but that went wishy washy as I had to review only one genre and books of their choosing. I wanted to review all genres and have the freedom of scheduling, picking what I wanted to read, and doing reviews my way and in my own system. I also was excited with some of the interactive community features available in book blogging – memes, weekly features, and just getting to know other readers in general in a new way.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Kim Harrison. Not only because I love her Hollows series, but she’s so incredibly great to fans. She’s active on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, among other things. Every year for a SASE envelope you can get a free promotion item she makes for each book from her site. She also does blogs, a message board, regular updates and chats, and takes the time with fans in so many ways. Her website lists music playlists she’s created, recipes, and a whole ensemble of fun things.

If you could live in a fictional setting, which would you choose?

That’s a tough one. I know it would be an Urban Fantasy world for sure. Similar to our world and time period but with mystical creatures and established law systems. Almost any of the popular Urban Fantasy books would work well.

What characters do you wish you could be friends with?

I’d love to be friends with Alex Delaware from Jonathan Kellerman’s series. He’s a former child psychologist turned investigator. Love his humor, sense of style, and his life interests me. His friend and cop buddy Milo always amuses me as well.

What is your favorite bookish memory?

Oh, there’s so many of these it’s hard to narrow them down to just one! Through conventions I have met many celebrities but not many well known authors. I was fortunate to meet a childhood icon last year, R.L. Stine, which was a big treat for me. I heard him speak and got an autographed book of Red Rain.

Have you always enjoyed reading?

Always. My mother jokes about having to read the same books to me constantly when I was pre-reading, and how she got me phonics lessons before school because I was so into it. I remember being a kid in the closet pretending to be a librarian. She opened the door and told me it was time to go to bed. I looked up, completely serious, and said, I can’t right now, I’m busy. She thought it was so cute she let me stay up for awhile. I would spend any extra money on books in Junior High and High School. Ah, babysitting funds, what a godsend they were.

What is your favorite book-to-film adaptation?

Most of the times the book is better, but I will say that the following books were not as good (in my opinion) as the movies: Jaws, Dolores Claiborne, and Monkey Shines.


  • Board Game: CLUE!
  • Dessert: Banana Split with extra whipped cream and nuts
  • Movie: No favorite movie unfortunately. If I went by genre, maybe. Braveheart for Drama, Trains, Planes & Automobiles for comedy.
  • Sport: Bowling
  • Television Show: Eek, another impossible one! Thankfully it wasn’t asked on favorite book as that would have been impossible 😉 Some of my favorite TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Bewitched, Smallville, Supernatural and The Shield.


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