Blogger Interview: The Airship Librarian from The Airship Library


What makes your blog unique?

Blogging has become such an incredibly popular thing these past few years. The number of book blogs out there is astounding. The amount of YA book blogs is numerous, and I think it’s almost impossible to find one completely unique from the rest. However, I will try.

The most unique thing about mine could be the innocence of it. I tend to read (and thus review) mainly clean books, and my reviewing style contains no swear words. It’s not a conscious decision; it’s just what has developed. [Visit The Airship Library!]

What is one of the most interesting things you have learned while blogging?

I’ve learned that I am only a drop in the bucket. Like I said before, there are so, so many book blogs. It’s easy to become disillusioned, and give up. What I’ve learned is not to judge my success on how many views I get, but rather how much I enjoy blogging. And that’s a lot.

What is your favorite classic novel?

Either The Light that Failed by Rudyard Kipling and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Beware, the former is awfully sad.

Do you prefer series, companion books, or complete standalone novels?

I love series because I get to really delve into the world and stay there for more than one book. Sadly, though, I find that sometimes series seem forced and you can tell the author is just pushing out words to get more money. That I don’t like. So, I like series when they’re properly done, but since that’s rare, I usually prefer standalones.

What type of romance do you most enjoy in novels?

Friends who fall in love! They don’t even have to be friends, just as long as they’ve known each other for at least a little while and actually love each other. Not a fan of love (lust) at first sight. At all.

What fictional character would you most like as a sibling?

Razo from The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. He’s perfect. I’d hate to have him for a boyfriend, but in a brotherly way I’d adore him.

What book’s movie would you most like a role in?

Seraphina. Why? Dragons. Dragons. Dragons.


    • Beverage: Coffee! Though I love tea too.
    • Candy Bar: I’m one of those bizarre mutants that doesn’t like chocolate except in baking. The closest thing might be Halvah, which is a delicious Israeli treat made from sesame seeds.
    • Sport: Soccer!
    • Flower: Tiger Lilies.
    • Reading Spot: Bed. I’d say outside, but outside has mosquitoes, which ruins the experience for me. Nothing really beats being wrapped up in a fluffy blanket in bed.




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