Blogger Interview: Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog


What makes your blog unique?

My writing and review style. I was an English major so I really try to analyze a book using all the techniques I learned at school while not making it sound like I’m writing a term paper. I imagine I’m having a conversation with someone about the book and tell them why it was an enjoyable read while also covering a few of the details I didn’t really like. I only write positive reviews, but I’m still honest.  [Visit Mary Had a Little Book Blog!]

What is one of the most interesting things you have learned while blogging?

It’s not necessarily an interesting fact exactly, but blogging is a LOT of work. It’s pretty much a second job. I thought with my experience with book reviews, a blog would be a snap, but in addition to reading and reviewing, I also have to maintain my site, network, and keep up with book news. Some days it’s pretty overwhelming, but no matter how lost I feel, I know it’s totally worth it.

What is your favorite classic novel?

Favorite novels Pride and Prejudice or The Great Gatsby, but my favorite classics are actually Shakespeare’s comedic plays.

Do you prefer series, companion books, or complete standalone novels?

Series. I like investing in characters and their stories for a long arc, but I will get burned out if it’s too long. Standalones are great when I reach that point; I try to read one every so often as a kind of palate cleanser, and companion series are a great bridge between that gap.

What type of romance do you most enjoy in novels?

I’m definitely a reader who likes her romance, but I don’t really have a type. Whatever feels right for the characters. Sometimes I actually root against a romance if I don’t feel the characters are quite right for one another. It doesn’t matter what their previous relationship was; I just want the story to flow naturally. If absolutely forced to choose…I’d probably go with the friends-who-become-more type of relationship.

What fictional character would you most like as a sibling?

Emmett from Twilight or Roar from Under the Never Sky. I have a type. My favorite characters are always the big teddy bear guys who provide endless comic relief.

What book’s movie would you most like a role in?

Without a doubt, Vampire Academy. I love that whole world, and being part of the film project would be a dream come true.


  • Beverage: Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper
  • Candy Bar: Almond Joy
  • Sport: Football, soccer, and diving
  • Flower: Daffodils
  • Reading Spot: My bed!


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