Top Ten Objects from the Harry Potter Series I Wish Were Real

HP Collage

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, so to celebrate at Pages Unbound, we’re featuring a day of posts related to Harry and his world!

1. Invisibility Cloak: I’d love the opportunity to go places I wasn’t expected to be.

2. Felix Felicis: Who wouldn’t want to experience the perfect day?

3. Portkeys: Sitting on a broom sounds pretty painful. I’d prefer portkeys to whisk myself to faraway locations quickly.

4. The Marauder’s Map: Or, a map like the Marauder’s Map. I don’t necessarily need a map of Hogwarts (unless I’m going to get a letter!), but I’d love a magical map of places I visit regularly.

5. Time-Tuners: Short-term time travel has a myriad of uses.

6. Self-Shuffling Playing Cards: I’m terrible at shuffling. These would be a lifesaver.

7. Hermione’s Handbag: A small, lightweight bag that contains an extraordinary amount of your belongings? I could take this…just about anywhere.

8. Honeyduke’s: Magical candy. Enough said.

9. The Mirror of Erised: This doesn’t have a practical use, but it’s also helpful to know more about one’s own desires.

10. Wands: They give you all the power. You don’t even need half of the magical objects on this list if you have a wand!

Discuss! What magical objects would you like to use?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Objects from the Harry Potter Series I Wish Were Real

    • Briana says:

      Great choice! I considered including Wizard chess…but I don’t actually play chess either. I like your thinking, though; adding magic to it would probably make it more fun!


  1. Arianne Z. says:

    The Mirror of Erised would probably have a lot of use in the field of Psychology. I would love to have Dumbledore’s Deluminator. The Self -correcting Quill would probably be like auto-correct now, but it would be interesting to know what absurd words it would suggest 🙂


    • Briana says:

      But it’s like spellcheck for paper! Which is pretty exciting because I still like writing lots of things by hand. Maybe you just have to pay attention so you know when to replace it. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned how expensive they are….


    • Briana says:

      I definitely think the handbag would be the best. Really, I think about it every time I try to leave the house. I really don’t like carrying things.


  2. Brittany says:

    I think I’d most want the Marauder’s Map. Or Portkeys. Or an Invisibility Cloak. Okay, I just want them all! Haha 🙂 Great list!! I’m such a sucker for all these magical objects!


    • Briana says:

      I want them all, too! Even narrowing the list to ten things was hard, but I’m hoping “wand” covers everything. There might be more of a learning curve, but that’s ok!


    • Briana says:

      Yes! Every time someone tells me their travel stories about their flight being delayed 5 hours and missing a connection and sleeping in a strange city in the airport, I want to get on a plane less and less. Portkeys sound so much better!


  3. Charleen says:

    I think the time-turner is #1 for me. I wouldn’t dare try to change anything, I’d just use it when I’m at home alone… more time to read all the books!


  4. Laura (@xbooksmartie) says:

    Totally agreed with the Portkeys! Oh, how I wished for one those long 30 minutes every day afters school for eight years that I had to wait for the bus! Hungry, thirsty and tired 😀 Also, the Time Tuner – could still use it!


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