Personality Quiz: Which Member of Robin Hood’s Band Are You?

1.  Which lesson have you learned the best?
a.) Man cannot live on dreams alone.  He must act.
b.) You do not always have to be the best.
c.) Good can be found in the most unlikely of places.
d.) Small happenings can change the course of our lives.

2. You are most passionate about:
a.) music
b.) sports
c.) animals
d.) nature

3. You are known for
a.) your sensitivity
b.) your looks
c.) your good humor
d.) your style

4. What do you value most?
a.) loyalty
b.) friendship
c.) a good time
d.) justice

5. How would you fight for right?
a.) speak the truth through writings, songs, etc.
b.) offer your services to a leader or organization
c.) look after the well-being of others
d.) organize others

6. What is your greatest strength?
a.) imagination
b.) dexterity
c.) physical strength
d.) logic

7. One thing from your past you would like to forget is
a.) a time of despair
b.) a competition you lost
c.) hard times
d.) an injury done to you

8.  What do people first notice about you?
a.) your clothes
b.) your height
c.) your athletic physique
d.) your hair

9. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
a.) learning to be bold and confident
b.) leaving an unhealthy lifestyle
c.) staying fit and healthy
d.) looking after others

10. What kind of games do you most enjoy?
a.) friendly ones where you don’t keep score
b.) games that require training
b.) one-on-one competition
d.) carnival games

11. What kind of people do you like to hang out with?
a.) Sensitive and helpful people.
b.) People with equal intelligence, athletic ability, etc.
c.) People who can offer you something.
d.) You love meeting all kinds of people.

12. What is something others might never guess of you?
a.) You can be daring.
b.) You can handle intricate and delicate things, not only matters that require brute strength.
c.) You have deep faith.
d.) You have known much pain.

13. What skill do you have?
a.) You can play an instrument or write stories and poetry.
b.) You are handy with many types of tools
c.) You have much endurance.
d.) You are good at acting/impressions.

Mostly A’s

A dreamer and a romantic, you are Allan a Dale.  Often you live in the land of stories, but once aroused, you are quick to see the need to stand for right, and brave enough to do it.  You may stand out with a unique fashion sense or exuberant personality.   You love truly and deeply and are very talented.

Mostly B’s

You are Little John!  You are used to being the best in what you do, but you do not mind when others have a chance to shine.   You have a true heart and are the most loyal of friends.

Mostly C’s

A friend to animals and a lover of good food and drink, you are Friar Tuck!  You can be found wherever there is a good time to be had, but, beneath your carefree attitude, you have a deep sense of justice, and a longing to do right.

Mostly D’s

You are Robin Hood!  A true leader, you are a master of organization and logistics, and you know how to relate to people from all walks of life.  You are devoted to justice, admire bravery and loyalty wherever it is to be found, and lead by example.  You can be proud, but are also generous and honest.

Remember, this quiz is just for fun!  If you feel your answer doesn’t match your personality, that’s okay!  Feel free to choose another result you think reflects you better.

8 thoughts on “Personality Quiz: Which Member of Robin Hood’s Band Are You?

  1. oboechica says:

    This is so fun! Unsurprisingly, I’m Allan a Dale, (I say that once I saw he was in the results not because I expected that outcome. There’s just no one else I would really be haha. I was surprised he was on the list because he isn’t always really a part of Robin Hood retellings, so yay!)


    • Krysta says:

      I’m glad you liked it! Allan a Dale has always been one of my favorite characters, so of course he had to be included! His depiction in the Disney version makes me laugh every time.


  2. denise320 says:

    Another Allan. By a landslide. Though, I was wavering on a few that would probably have made the outcome a tie between him and Robin Hood. I’m content with that result! 🙂


  3. jennasthilaire says:

    Oh, I am SO Allan. Along with everyone else! 😉 Except for question 8… it’s hard not to notice my height, as I’m just shy of six feet tall. 😛 Although I did often have some sympathy with B’s and C’s often, so maybe I’m on a spectrum, too. But I’m obviously not Robin at all. Haha.

    Totally got a kick out of this quiz… I always enjoy these!


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