Blogger Interview: Cain Freeman from No BS Books


What inspired you to start blogging?

From the start, I knew I wanted to propagate a message of love and good cheer. What better way to do this than by being an opinionated smart ass? In all seriousness, it was a combination of too much time and reading too much. I know, how can one possibly read TOO much? Well, I was reading more than a book a day, and my library was just starting to run out of interesting reads. Desperate for a way to slow myself down, I turned to blogging.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Man, that’s hard. I sort of want to wear all their skins really. If I had to choose one though, it’d be Ellen Hopkins. No other author is able to draw an emotional response out of me so reliably. There is no suitable comparison to the experience that is one of her books. They transcend the boundaries of standard literature, creating something breathtaking. In addition to the quality of the stories, there’s the importance of them. Every book by Ellen Hopkins takes an honest look at the hard parts of the world, the tough issues. Having ideas presented this way is immensely important, and can serve as some of the best lessons.

If you could live in a fictional setting, which would you choose?

Republic City from The Legend of Korra. The mix of fantasy, steampunk, and the prohibition era is just remarkable. Plus, I’d love to be a bender. For those of you who haven’t watched The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra, a bender is an individual who is able to control one of four elements, water, fire, earth, or air.

What characters do you wish you could be friends with?

Ben Wolf from Deadline by Chris Crutcher has a definite place in my heart. Looking at it, I don’t even know if we’d connect in any way at all, but the story pulled at my heart strings so much, I feel that I should be friends with him. It’s like I owe it to him. Then there’s a character I hope everyone feels this way about: Ron Weasley. Does this need explanation? Anyone who’s read Harry Potter wants to be friends with him! And anyone who hasn’t read Harry Potter, isn’t worth mentioning.

What is your favorite bookish memory?

Can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, I may have dressed up as Harry Potter and been at the bookstore for the midnight release. That is purely hypothetical of course. Remember that, hypothetical. If we were to talk about things that actually happened, because that Harry Potter thing obviously never did, it would be the moment I realized I had an addiction. Last Fall, or Autumn if you prefer, I want on a vacation with my family to the Florida Keys. I brought something like thirteen books with me. Our vacation was only eleven or so days long, I read every single book I brought with me.

Have you always enjoyed reading?

Ever since first grade I have loved reading, and audiobooks even before that. I can’t think of a single period of my life where I fell out of favor with reading. It has been a constant companion.

What is your favorite book-to-film adaptation?

Since I am absolutely unique and special, I know my choice will blindside all of you. The Harry Potter movies were absolutely great, staying faithful for the most part, and maintained the feeling when they had to change the plot. How they could have done I better job, I don’t know. Creating ten hour epics isn’t realistic, so we have to settle down, and embrace the condensed versions of the stories.


  • Board Game: Risk
  • Dessert: Fried ice cream
  • Movie Based on Book: Shawshank Redemption
  • Sport: Competitive sofa sitting is always a great one.
  • Television Show: In Western television, it’d have to be Breaking Bad. Counting television from elsewhere in the world, I’d have to pick the holy grail of human artistic creation, Death Note.



2 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Cain Freeman from No BS Books

  1. Krysta says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned The Legend of Korra! I waited for years to watch Avatar (and still haven’t seen the second season, oddly enough, though I’ve seen the beginning and the end) and when I finally did I was devastated by all the Avatar-less years I had lived. But when is the second part of Korra coming out?? There’s been no word on progress!


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