Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Every year on March 25, the anniversary of the Downfall of Sauron, the Tolkien Society hosts Tolkien Reading Day. The goal is to promote the reading of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien! To celebrate, we have compiled some reasons that authors and bloggers have fallen in love with Tolkien’s work.  Let us know why you love Tolkien, or what Tolkien book you’ll be reading today, in the comments!

 Purple Ribbon

“Tolkien is still dear to my heart after so much time because he brings a sense of wonder to the entire body of his work. While parts of his stories can be dark, there is a sense of awe inspiring faith in the good of humanity that seems lost outside of Middle Earth.” Alexis (Mad Geek Girl)

“In Middle Earth, Tolkien displays his intelligence, his thoughtfulness, and his imagination.  In his children’s books, he shows his youthful spirit and his sense of humor.  In his academic writing, he reveals his dedication and passion for learning.  Tolkien’s works span genres.  He is versatile, and always manages to speak some way to the human spirit.” Briana (Pages Unbound)

“A great man and a great author. He understood the real importance and art of storytelling.” DM Andrews (Author of The Serpent in the Glass)

“Tolkien’s books contain a rare beauty that encompasses both joy and sorrow.  We seem to be in a time where the ugly and the gritty are considered more representative of the human condition than the good and the beautiful, but Tolkien reminds us that the world is never as dark as it appears.  He encourages us to look beneath the surface of our reality to see the guiding hand of providence taking us all on an unexpected adventure.” Krysta (Pages Unbound)

“The reason I like Tolkien is because his stories, however epic and wondrous and brilliant they are, ultimately touch basic fundamental emotions and experiences that we can relate to: love, doing the right thing, desiring peace/the quiet life, temptation, feelings of doubt, friendship, etc. I also love how he conceived the world of Middle Earth complete with a full and detailed history, languages, cultures, lore, etc. (the historian in me delights in this). It really feels like this place exists somewhere and re-reading his works, whether it’s The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, really feels like coming home every single time.” Lianne (caffeinatedlife.net)

“I love Tolkien because he can easily make me believe that entire worlds are contained within the bound pages of his books. And once that book opens, your mind opens too.” Marie (Me, My Shelf, and I)

“I love the way J.R.R. Tolkien writes everything in such a lush and descriptive matter. Tolkien is a master storyteller!” Scott (Scott Reads It)

“Tolkien has a way of writing that is unlike any other I have ever seen.” Stephanie B (Chasm of Books)

“There’s definitely something special about Tolkien.  His imagination, heart, and brilliance are all woven together in his writing, fiction and non-fiction alike.  There’s something very sincere and inspiring about him that dares you to live better.” Zita (Pages Unbound)

2 thoughts on “Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

  1. jubilare says:

    I love Tolkien’s work because I can set a book aside and feel that the world within keeps breathing and turning without me, and when I open it again, I can step inside.

    There are very few authors who can make me feel that way. It’s not just world building, not just themes, not just characters, but some sort of alchemy.


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