What Type of Talking Animal Would You Be?

Lewis Button


Keep track of the letter of the answer you choose for each question.  At the end of the quiz, tally the number of each letter.  Whichever letter you have the most of corresponds to your answer.  Feel free to share your results in the comments, or grab an image to share on your blog!

If none of the suggested  answers corresponds to your ideal answer, pick the one you like best.  And remember that this quiz is just for fun.  We really don’t know much about your personality!

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1.  What type of paper would you most like to write a letter on?

a. heavy cream-colored paper
b. colored paper
c. parchment
d. patterned paper

2. What is your ideal home like?

a. large
b. light and open
c. impressive
d. cozy

3. What instrument would you most like to play?

a. piano
b. violin
c. drums
d. guitar

4. Which would you most like to avoid?

a. financial problems
b. confrontation
c. disorganization
d. loneliness

5. What types of games do you like best?

a. strategy games
b. creative games
c. individual games
d. team games

6. Which talent would you most like to have?

a. leadership
b. writing
c. public speaking
d. design

7. What is the best thing about blogging?

a. Discovering new things
b. Creating a place to showcase your work
c. Helping to influence others’ thoughts
d. Interacting with others who share your interests


Mostly A’s

You are a horse.  Fun-loving and energetic, you are a great friend to have.  You are very self-reliant and love to travel, as well as learn new things.

Mostly B’s

You are a goat.  Some people might think you are passive, but you are by no means a follower.  You are a creative thinker who likes to do things your way and in your own time.  You do, however, enjoy having a supportive circle of friends.

Mostly C’s

You are a tiger.  You are a confident and ambitious person who enjoys opportunities to lead others or to influence events around you.  You are a go-getter.

Mostly D’s

You are a rabbit.  You are a social person who enjoys the company of your family and friends.  You strive to be welcoming, tolerant, and compassionate.  You are a person of integrity.

10 thoughts on “What Type of Talking Animal Would You Be?

  1. jennasthilaire says:

    Hahahaha. I’ve had goats, and they are definitely rather independent and creative. Anyway, you certainly nailed my personality. Even on the ones that I didn’t answer B for, I probably could’ve. 😉


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