C. S. Lewis Read-Along: Post Master List

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This will be the master list for all posts relating to the C. S. Lewis Read-Along at Pages Unbound.  We will provide links to all activities, and all discussion posts or book reviews, whether they are posted here at Pages Unbound or on other event participants’ blogs.  If you have posted for the event and do not see a link to your post here, feel free to leave us a comment or email us so we can add it!

Note that this post has been made “sticky” for the duration of the event, so you will always be able to find it at the top of our homepage.

Informational Posts

Book Reviews

Discussion Questions

Discussion Posts

Other Activities

Previous Posts

Some of our participants love C. S. Lewis so much that they’ve posted a lot of great things about his work even before the read-along started!  Check out what they’ve written here!

The Egotist’s Club

The Middle Page

11 thoughts on “C. S. Lewis Read-Along: Post Master List

  1. David says:

    Glad you guys are doing this! I’m going to read The Discarded Image, his study of medieval and renaissance literature. Going to pick it up from the library right now. +) I’ll let you know when my post is up!


    • Briana says:

      Thanks so much! It will be great to see reviews of some of his work beyond Narnia. I’ve only read about one excerpt of his medieval criticism. I think it was describing types of supernatural creatures.


  2. KateB says:

    I love these books. I remember reading them in year 11 Chemistry class…. which would explain why I failed so dismally… I can’t remember a thing about acids or bases but know everything there is to know about Narnia! I can’t wait till the 16th to see the quiz. 🙂


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