Top Ten Tuesday (40): Top Ten Authors I Am Thankful for

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s topic is:

Top Ten Authors I Am Thankful for

1.  J.R.R. Tolkien: His work made me fall in love with Middle English and Anglo-Saxon.  His books prove that fantasy can be “literary” and profound.

2. L. M. Montgomery: Anne Shirley taught me a lot about friendship and imagination.  L. M. Montgomery showed me it’s beautiful to fall in love with a friend.

3. C. S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia added a lot of magic to my childhood.

4. John Keats: His poetry proves that the world is beautiful and that looking for beauty is a worthy pursuit.

5. Chaim Potok:  His novels look at the world in profound and complex ways.

6. Peter Kreeft: His books are always thoughtful and use reason to find truth.

7. Gail Carson Levine: I spent a lot of my childhood imagining myself into her books.

8. The Gawain Poet: His work exemplifies much of what I love about the literature of the Middle Ages.

9. Alexandre Dumas: His books are both exciting and profound.  He shows long books can be great books.

10. Tamora Pierce: I grew up reading about her strong female protagonists.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (40): Top Ten Authors I Am Thankful for

  1. Dale says:

    A great list! Tolkien, Lewis and Potok would be on my list, also. I’ve never read any Dumas but think that I’m going to have to in the near future.


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