Guest Review: Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson

Today’s guest review is by Kathy! Kathy enjoys reading and is currently studying elementary and special education.

Goodreads: Before Green Gables

Review:  Written as a prequel to the much beloved Anne of Green Gables series, Before Green Gables tells the untold story of Anne Shirley prior to her arrival at her beloved home on Prince Edward Island.  Beginning with Anne’s newlywed parents and following her life through her residences with both the Thomases and the Hammonds, this novel reveals to readers the numerous details about Anne’s early days.  Fans of Anne of Green Gables will be enchanted when reading about the various circumstances Anne talked about in her books, such as chatting with her dear friend, Katie Maurice, gaining her desire for “bosom friends,” caring for three sets of twins, and saving one of the Thomas boys from the croup.  Readers learn the origins of her rich, amusing vocabulary, such as “the depths of despair”.  Even details such as her mother’s love of poetry and her father’s ironic love of geometry will entertain fans as they come to know their beloved character on a much deeper level.

While the Anne of Green Gables series is geared towards children, Before Green Gables is written as an adult novel.  Budge Wilson does not sugarcoat the extent of Anne’s hardships, including encounters with death, poverty, sickness, alcoholism, and the lack of freedom to be a child.  However, what continues to be so inspiring about the character of Anne Shirley is her ability to employ her keen imagination, which allows her spirit to remain innocent while escaping her crumbling world.  Anne is no stranger to heartache, as this novel clearly portrays; nevertheless, Anne never succumbs to “the depths of despair” and continues to find hope and joy in the simplest of things.

I recommend this book to all who wish to gain a greater understanding of one of the most beloved heroines of all time, as well as to all who need a bit of inspiration in their lives.  Read Before Green Gables, and you will be sure to have gained a “bosom friend.”

Published: 2008

2 thoughts on “Guest Review: Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson

  1. Briana says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve always thought this book sounded interesting but I guess I just want to leave room for more “scope for the imagination” when it comes to Anne’s past. I don’t want to read this and become stuck in Wilson’s story! I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. it would be horrible if he had messed up Anne’s childhood!


  2. Kathy says:

    I’m never a fan of spin-offs of beloved series when they’re not written by the original author. My mom picked it up for me though, and I was pleasantly surprised! I honestly fell in love with Anne all over again!


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