Quiz: Which Montgomery Heroine Are You?

Keep track of how many times you answer each letter, then calculate the total to find out which of L. M. Montgomery’s characters matches your personality!  Feel free to comment below or to grab a button at the end to let others know your results!

1. You discover a staircase.  It
a. is an old winding stone staircase that goes down in the dark
b. is sheltered by plants and winds on through secret ways
c. is a grand, sweeping marble staircase
d. is made of glass and diamond, and leads up to the stars
e. is made of stone and a rivulet runs down it

2. You see a cat.  He/she
a. has nothing on a friendly, lovable dog!
b. is delightfully mysterious and uncanny
c. is so dear and fluffy!
d. is maddeningly unconcerned and superior
e. is a friend

3. You live next to water.  It is
a. a friendly rivulet.
b. the ocean, unendingly vast and blue
c. a brook, the home of naiads
d. a laughing stream
e. a beautiful lake

4. You hear a call.  It is
a. a shout
b. a whistle
c. a clarion call
d. a motor horn
e. a bird call

5. Your window
a. gives character to your house
b. opens up to the stars
c. looks upon a beautiful landscape
d. has a window seat
e. is large and opens up to the sunrise

6. Your great quality is
a. your steadfast friendship
b. your perseverance
c. your ability to see the magic in everything
d. your ability to grow
e. your ability to see the good in others

7. You choose a book from a shelf.  It
a. has a lock that must be opened with a locket
b. has a cover intricately wrought in silver
c. is leather with a large silver clasp
d. has a cover with pressed flowers
e. is made of leather and leaves, and has vines twisting around it

8. What do you dream?
a. You are dancing beneath the stars.
b. You are travelling with the wind.
c. You are speaking with the trees.
d. The moonlight is raining down upon you.
e. You can converse with the animals.

9. You dream of going
a. nowhere–you love the comfort of home
b. to lands where ancient peoples walked
c. to lands of mystery, refinement, and grandeur
d. down an unending road, the wind in your hair, the sunset before you..
e. into nature

10. When you write letters, they tend to be
a. sweet and simple
b. descriptive
c. rambly and full of news
d. perky and full of gossip
e. precise


Mostly A’s: Pat Gardiner from Pat of Silver Bush

Mostly B’s: Emily Starr from Emily of New Moon

Mostly C’s: Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

Mostly D’s: Gay Penhallow from A Tangled Web

Mostly E’s: Valancy Stirling from The Blue Castle

38 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Montgomery Heroine Are You?

  1. jennasthilaire says:

    Haha, awesome. I came out so close on A, B, and C that I wound up looking at the results and just picking–and Emily Starr is probably the most accurate choice there, though I haven’t read Pat yet and may find myself switching after I do. But I think you’ve just convinced me to give her a try as soon as possible–which is to say, the moment I’ve finished the book I have out from the library. 😀


    • Krysta says:

      That’s really interesting, but Montgomery’s heroines do have a lot in common with each other–lots of heart and imagination!–so perhaps it isn’t too surprising your results were so close. Picking your best fit is completely allowed–after all, I’m sure you know yourself better than a quiz ever could! 😀 Pat may be my favorite heroine, so I’ll be shameless here and suggest you do give her a try as soon as possible!


      • jennasthilaire says:

        ‘Smatter of fact, having realized that your read-along only lasts ten more days, I pulled both Pat books off my shelf and started reading her over lunch. 😀 I’m excited to get to know her!


      • Denise Petrik says:

        I wouldn’t really call myself extroverted either. I would never crack a slate over someone’s head, for example, even if I did get as angry as she did. I suppose Krysta and I just have a good amount of other things in common with her. Or we are just more like her than the other characters in the quiz. I only really know Emily besides Anne.

        Excuse me while I go hide in shame of admitting that. I am well aware that I have much reading to do.


      • Krysta says:

        Well, strange things do happen to me. I’m not sure any of Montgomery’s characters gets into so many odd situations as Anne! Maybe you resemble her in her romantic view of life? And, of course, her love of reading and writing. 😀

        And, yes, that is terrible. Did you not see my shameless plugging of Pat above? I don’t really see you as Valancy, though, or Gay Penhallow for that matter, so perhaps the quiz is more accurate than would at first appear.


    • Krysta says:

      That’s a rather interesting combination, don’t you think? For instance, Emily tends to associate with naturally gifted people–artists and orators and such–and is rather proud. Pat, on the other hand, really isn’t interested in higher learning and is content to be at home and to work there. She mentions that associating with people who make her feel like she has to be “clever” is tiring. And she’s rather shy.


      • Briana says:

        Well, I think that’s a fair combination. I like hanging out with smart people but sometimes I like not having to be all impressive. :p (Because, um, it’s just so hard for me not to be impressive….right?) And I do like my house. Hobbit tendencies and all.


  2. Carrie-Ann Biondi says:

    I came out as most like Valancy Stirling, with Anne Shirley as a close second. I’ve not yet read The Blue Castle, and now I’m going to, so that I can meet Valancy! I do love Anne Shirley. Thanks for the quiz, Krysta (and to Jenna for the heads-up on it)!


    • Krysta says:

      It’s been a long time since I’ve read The Blue Castle, so I’m a bit ashamed to admit I don’t remember all that much about Valancy except that she has a lovely tale of self-discovery. I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz! Thanks for stopping by!


      • jennasthilaire says:

        Carrie-Ann, I could definitely see you lining up with Valancy. She starts off really beaten down–but in just a few chapters, she’s all kinds of wonderful. 🙂

        Krysta, I think your quiz does really well–which is amazing; usually with these things, it’s relatively obvious which answers go with which final possibility, and yours wasn’t that way at all. Even though I ended up with a three-way split, I can totally see why it’s those three, and where I line up with them.


      • Krysta says:

        Thanks so much! I did try to go for more unconventional questions, as well as ones that wouldn’t point too obviously to certain characters. I know I have a tendency to want to adjust my answers if I can see where a quiz is leading!


  3. Renae @ Respiring Thoughts says:

    Finally had time to take this! I was a pretty even mix of A’s and D’s, so I guess that makes me Pat or Gay. XD I haven’t read either of their stories so I’ll have to get on that and see how accurate that is.

    Thanks for posting this!


    • Krysta says:

      I tried to go for more unusual results, but I neglected to consider that not everyone might have read the stories! Gay Penhallow, for instance, though one of my favorite characters, is only one of many in a book that chronicles the stories of a range of characters, rather than focusing on one person like Anne of Green Gables or Emily of New Moon. You could probably read the book and forget she was in it! (I know I have trouble remembering the other people in it. Oops!) I’m glad you liked the quiz, anyway! 😀


    • Krysta says:

      Nice! Anne is a great result! I always envy her ability to find the good in everything and to say just the right thing to help put people at ease.


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