L. M. Montgomery Read-Along (to come)

Beginning on July 8, Pages Unbound Will be hosting a read-along of the works of L. M. Montgomery!   Most of you have read Anne of Green Gables, but have you met Montgomery’s other characters?  Emily?  Pat?  Jane?  Kilmeny?  You can reconnect with your favorites, or read something completely new!  Find a list of your options at Wikipedia.  Then, between July 8 and July 21, post your reflections on the books on your own blogs and link up the reviews here so other Montgomery fans can visit!  You can also post movie reviews, discussion posts, or any other Montgomery-related material!

At Pages Unbound, we will be posting a variety of book reviews during the two weeks.  There will also a movie review and some other fun activities.  More information to come in July!

10 thoughts on “L. M. Montgomery Read-Along (to come)

    • Briana says:

      I can never decide whether Anne of Green Gables is my favorite or Anne of the Island. It’s hard to pick between eleven-year-old Anne and all the romance! Unfortunately, I am not so much of fan of Anne of Avonlea, which I feel obliged to read because it comes right between them!


        • Briana says:

          That was probably a good decision! Now I often skip Anne of Avonlea and go straight on. It might be worth rereading at some point, though, to see if I’ve changed my mind at all.


    • Krysta says:

      That is so incredibly exciting! At first I didn’t know what to think because I love the movies with Megan Follows, but I’m willing to give this new series a chance. It’s always interesting to see different takes on the same story and there’s no such thing as too much Anne, right? I am little worried about a “contemporary” take on the story, though. Part of Anne’s charm is her time period (the dresses are so pretty!). A modern Anne could work, though. I wouldn’t have predicted a modern Sherlock would work and it’s fantastic. Thanks for pointing this out! I have to alert all my friends!


  1. La La in the Library says:

    I bought an ebook bundle of all of the Anne related stories, even the short stories, last year, so I am in! I will add the link to the post I just came from to my The Sunday Post. I know a lot of those feature linkers loved Anne.


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