TGIF (9): Favorite Supporting Characters

TGIF is a meme hosted weekly at GReads! that allows bloggers to answer a book-related question and to recap their reading week!


Supporting Characters: We tend to gush over those main characters the most, but what about those supporting roles? Who are some of your favorites?


One of my absolute favorite supporting characters is Matthew Cuthbert from L. M. Montgomery´s Anne of Green Gables.  Anne herself is, of course, the star of the book with her wild imagination and love of talking, but the quiet Matthew is still her kindred spirit.  He stands up for spoiling her just a little bit, and confronts a lot of his fears just to make sure she is happy.  His first conversation with her when they are riding home from the station is also simply hilarious, and still makes me laugh after much rereading!  The two are great as a family.

Jingle from Pat of Silver Bush is another one of my favorite Montgomery characters.  He ends up as the love interest, so maybe he doesn’t quite classify as “supporting” or “minor,” but he is often overlooked in favor of the roguish Gilbert Blythe!  Jingle is a nice guy with a cute dog who works hard to show his love Pat.  And he is far better than Teddy from the Emily books, whom I think is a bit of jerk even if a few of the things he did were not entirely his fault.

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8 thoughts on “TGIF (9): Favorite Supporting Characters

  1. Katelyn Torrey says:

    It has been FOREVER since I’ve read Anne of Green Gables! My aunt bought me the books for Christmas one year and I read through it so quickly. I’m not sure I remember too much about it but loved your answer this week!


    • Briana says:

      It was my favorite book when I was about ten! But I reread it recently, and it was just as great as I remember, if not better. I’m glad I wasn’t at all disappointed!


  2. Krysta says:

    I am so relieved to find out you feel the same way about Teddy! I always had this feeling I was supposed to like him because, well, he’s Teddy, but I just couldn’t accept all his actions! I think the books would have been more realistic if they had ended differently.


  3. Lisa says:

    I am TOTES interested in reading Anne of Green Gables with someone! I have the book. It sits on my shelf and it waits and waits and waits and waits some more.

    I want to meet this glorious Matthew you speak of! Keep me posted. 😉


  4. Sony The Booklover says:

    I’ve heard of Anne of Green Gables watched the television show but the other is new to me good answer. Wanna see my answer click on my name.


    • Briana says:

      I love the show! Pat is definitely not as popular as Anne or even Emily, but I believe it’s still quite possible to find a copy of her book. Some of Montgomery’s other lesser-known books like Jane of Lantern Hill and Magic for Marigold are much more difficult to buy.


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