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Yesterday one of my tips for Top Ten Tuesday was for bloggers to schedule their posts ahead of time.  It saves on a lot of stress and means your blog will still have content even if you are too busy one week (or one month!) to read or review.  At the suggestion of Laura from Colorimetry, I am outlining here some advice on how to make a schedule that works for you!

1.   You need content to schedule. 

This means you’re going to have to read.  If you have something like summer vacation when you read more than during the school year, take advantage of it.  Write reviews soon after reading the book—or at least take really good notes—but don’t get excited and post them right away.  Save them!  You can also write a lot of memes ahead of time, as the blogs running them will often list the topics or questions several weeks in advance.

2.  Decide what your schedule will be. 

Do you want to post once a week?  Four times a week?  Will you always post reviews on Wednesdays and a meme on Saturday?  Having a regular schedule means that both you and your followers will always know what is going on, and they will know when to check back for new content.

3.  Get a calendar.

If you have something on your computer or your phone like Windows Calendar you can use, do it!  Seeing your posts visually laid out means you can make sure you don’t review 5 mysteries books in a row or that you don’t have all your discussions posts clustered in one week.  Using a digital computer instead of on paper means you can easily move titles to a different date if something comes up—like an author wants you to review their book the week before it is released.  If you have different types of post you are scheduling, feel free to color-code them.  Here is a week of my calendar from March:

4.  Figure out how the scheduling feature on your blogging platform works.

On WordPress, you can change the date a post is published in the little box near the top right corner of the post you are editing.  Make sure you press “OK” beneath the date.  Then make sure you hit “Schedule” (which will replace the normal “Publish” button).  Otherwise you’ll just have a draft.  Here are instructions for Blogger.

5.  Relax! 

Schedules can be broken.  Even though you have dedicated followers, they will understand if you get busy or get behind—because they do, too!  And no law will be broken if you suddenly decide to do a review on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “How to Schedule Posts

  1. Laura (@BurgandyIce) says:

    Yay!! I love it!! I’m so going over everything over and over and trying out the calendar. I’m so visual, I think seeing it all spread out will help. I already found a pile-up of four things planned for one day that I hadn’t seen before!! I’ll be back after I make some progress. Thx for sharing!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this!!


  2. Nikki Owen says:

    I’m so chuffed I came across this post. It’s very handy. I’m new to blogging and still finding my feet. the scheduling advice- I’ll definitely take that on board. I never knew you could schedule a time for a post. Have just created a more planned timetable too, so I’m hoping that will help. Anyway, thanks again and nice to meet you.


    • Briana says:

      I didn’t know about the scheduling feature when I first started either! I had a few posts written in advance, but I was posting them each day I wanted them published. I’m gald I could help, and thanks for stopping by!


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