Dragon’s Breath by E. D. Baker

Goodreads: Dragon’s Breath
Series: Tales of the Frog Princess #2

Summary: Long ago, Princess Emma’s aunt Grassina fell in love with a man her mother did not think good enough for her.  She turned him into an animal and Grassina thought him lost forever.  However, through a strange turn of events, Grassina’s true love was found.  Emma wants to help her aunt transform her lover back into a man, but, to do so, she will need to go on a quest to collect four impossible ingredients.

Review: Baker continues the Frog Princess series with her signature wit and charm.  Though Emma and her friends face impossible odds and find themselves in many dangerous situations, they never lose their sense of humor as they encounter the unexpected.  This makes the book suitable for younger readers, who may find themselves terrified by the monsters, but will soon be laughing as those same horrors engage in distinctly un-terrifying dialogue and actions.  From the ludicrousness of a typical family spat occurring between a sea witch and her daughter to the thought of dragons competing in the Olympics, Baker keeps readers amused with the audacity needed to take familiar fairy-tale elements and mix them with modern ones.  Some of the adventures occur a bit too quickly and sometimes too easily, but  Dragon’s Breath succeeds overall in providing a pleasant and amusing tale.

Published: 2003


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