The Amulet: A Faedra Bennett Custodian Novel by Alison Pensy

Goodreads: The Amulet
Series: (Custodian Novel #1)

Summary: On her eighteenth birthday, Faedra Bennett learns she is descended from a people who left the fairies long ago.  They were charged with keeping safe the amulet needed to control the weather of both the human and the fairy worlds.  She soon finds herself fighting for her life as a powerful enemy seeks to gain control of the amulet.  Followed by The Emerald Staff.

Review: The Amulet is a highly satisfying fantasy read complete with a strong heroine and a wondrous magical world to explore.  Quite simply, it reminded me of why I love fantasy so much.  Smart pacing and a hint of mystery combined to keep me turning pages, but I admit the romance probably interested me most of all.  I appreciated the fact that the two knew each other a bit longer than most current literary couples and that the man involved clearly tried to respect Faedra.  I do wish, however, that the romance had been a bit more subtle as I never doubted for a minute that it would all end perfectly and, frankly, I think a romance is more satisfying when the couple has to work at it.  I also question the standards to which the book holds men as it portrays the hero as the perfect lover, chivalrous, strong, caring, upright—and then has him sleep next to his beloved as if no occasion of sin could possibly arise by a man and a woman madly in love lying together in the same bed.  My opinion of said hero dropped considerably. He did not have to lower his standards simply because Faedra lowered hers.

The portrayal of the romance aside, The Amulet remains an engrossing read sure to capture the imagination.  More editing should be done, but the flaws do not ultimately impede enjoyment of the stories.  I suggest readers make sure they have a couple of hours to spare when they pick up this book as they may have difficulty putting it down.

Published: 2009

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