The Hidden Coronet by Catherine Fisher

Summary: Galen and Raffi seek the legendary coronet of Flain, one of the Makers, in hopes that it can both stabilize the erratic weather sweeping across Anara and help them contact the Makers to ask for help. An ancient evil known as the Margrave has awakened, however, and also seeks the crown. The third in the Relic Master series.

Review: Fisher makes a triumphant return with The Hidden Coronet. Action and adventure fill the pages, pulling the reader into a magical world where anything can happen if one has enough faith. The plot hurtles forward at breakneck speed while the danger increases at every step. Only the recurring “question” of Carys’s loyalties slows the narrative. I may have guessed wrong, but I was certain I knew how Carys’s story arc would end as soon as Fisher revealed her gender in The Dark City. Perhaps Book 4 will prove me a fool, but, for now, pretending Carys may not be the character we all think her is getting old; Fisher unfortunately uses a variation of the same scenario to repeatedly “trick” us into thinking we had made a mistake about her allegiance. Aside from that, fans of the series will find The Hidden Coronet a worthy addition to the series. It reunites readers with favorite characters while also introducing some new ones who add new perspective on the debate on faith. Furthermore, it includes bigger obstacles than ever before while promising greater ones to come. The fourth and final book will surely provide a thrilling conclusion to this wonderful adventure.

First Published: 2000 (published in the U.S. 2011)

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